About Me

Hi, my name is Deidre and I started CherokeeRaceWayPark because I wanted to share some of the great ideas about shopping and products in general, which I’ve learned in fifteen years as a stay at home mom. Before that, I worked in finance as an accountant. Whether managing the budget for a household or a big company, the main principles are the same. There are lots of clever ideas to be economic and I’m always coming up with new ones.

I live with my husband, my two kids, Esther and Davis, in our home in Tennessee. In fact, we built a new home just over five years ago and have no debts from the building work. That is quite an accomplishment, which is due in part to our ability to save a lot of money each month using coupons.

One of the most fun things about saving money for me is the challenge. For example, sometimes I like to try to do most or all of my shopping for the week with the help of coupons. It is amazing how much I save.

I also make sure to reward ourselves and I have come to associate fun and good times not with money but with things you cannot put a price on. For instance, I like to get creative and make a special meal for the family. This costs very little except for my time and creativity, and the value of spending time together means so much.

My hobbies are simple pursuits too. I love to hike and bike and am working on creating my dream garden in the back yard. The kids like to join in the fun and help with planting vegetables and flowers.

One of my dreams is to buy a piece of land and have horses. I feel like it is a realistic goal. This is thanks to everything I have learned about saving money and hope to share with you too. Hope you will find some handy tips to keep you motivated.